2021 Avan 555 HT Ensuite adventure pack stolen on NYE

  • 0C9C4F5A-9F2E-4A2F-9EF0-A8EC61FAB812
  • 0E416A57-91A3-46BE-A7D1-A90B2FBDCB75
  • A087750D-7F15-48E1-A129-9C0F0E5A52DD
  • 532AC68D-605D-4B36-8534-A6B8D51FF41E
  • 63C17C80-5BB2-4A00-9FA3-8055E156E8A1
  • 30DC6412-8D8D-4A84-8954-786BBB54971A
  • 5CD95287-3CD3-4709-9343-B0EE49F80C5B
  • 57EEF3FD-1691-46D8-8209-C45AC4CA7D63
  • F329CBC0-9B04-45CC-B140-59ED2AE6C3E5
  • F143D9F1-49D3-4427-8FAD-801DF709E2E3
  • F02E1F67-62FD-4B9E-980E-C08954CA5940
  • 6DD66F12-CFEF-4086-AA95-D044B30B33D3
  • 63FD3DEC-6BFF-4EFA-9D1B-5B4069E5A5AC
  • 31E6EDAA-9650-4B2F-94FA-19DAB5D8EB79
  • 6AD9664E-12D6-4FEA-9B78-F84B468CDBAC
  • 992ECFA3-816D-4C7E-9670-DACC64901C09
  • 1937DC75-11F0-4B59-BA60-4B0C60F5D251
  • 5F1E3039-8841-4093-8199-DD5AB011A36E
  • 51921968-2C5C-4023-A5AE-369035266EA6
  • F1EE3110-4427-4FE6-931D-8DC10E7E0B74
  • FAE88ED5-1AB2-4A55-862E-B982B7F3F381
  • F2015EDC-426F-4AB9-8D78-BEE1F57D35C3
  • 58F4BFCA-DD1B-4A15-842F-B215E8CB1C91
  • 93934895-723C-4279-8967-C0849EBA687A
  • B3D2DD30-4825-4AF8-9660-660A4E4A4C69
  • A01FE596-58A1-4FCF-8DBC-4603EB5D84B7
  • 2166D617-366A-46DB-8ADD-90F312ACB4B8
  • B28CF0ED-0927-42E9-9207-CCB1222FDB9B
  • 18E46BD7-9051-4AFD-99F6-337DEBBCDBBE
  • 2AF93249-C579-480A-96EC-E187F35D7F0A
  • 69795DE1-2309-4484-84ED-B877A90B318B
  • 3F9A18F2-DED5-4F1A-9BD3-CA1C9D870D68

Stolen Vehicle Category: Caravans and Over 18ft Caravans

More Info
  • Images of the thieves have been included in this, and I hope someone recognises them. Based off the info I have they are very very likely to work in the area, likely as tradies or in construction

    The caravan had a heavy duty lock on it. However they cut off the locks with an angle grinder

    The caravan is white, with duct tape covering some side wall damage on the right hand side

    The caravan was stolen with a stolen SIXT rental car with the rego 1QO9BX, which is a 2019 Toyota duel Cab ute

  • Identifiable Marks / Features:

    - Side wall damage covered with duct tape on right hand side
    - fridge has been removed so no fridge where the thetford usually is
    - solar panel on the roof
    - glass shower screen door
    - upgraded trim package
    - some caravan stuff, and an in box uninstalled diesel heater under the bed

    Stolen From: Moorabbin
    Date Stolen: 31/12/2022
    Police Report Submitted: Yes
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