Has your Caravan/RV been stolen?

Well you’re in the right place. As you can see this is a Stolen Caravan Registry, meaning you can register your stolen caravan on this website for others to see. This increases the chances that perhaps someone may be able to assist with information that could potentially assist Police with a successful recovery of your stolen property (Caravans, RVs, Motorhomes, Camper Trailers, Pop-Tops, 5 Wheelers, Buses, 4WDs, Products and Accessories, etc.).

We do not charge you to display your stolen caravan on our registry.

We rely on our audience and supporters to assist with information leading to a potential recovery.

What steps do I take now?

Step 1: REPORT to Police

Report your stolen vehicle to the police before you do anything else, including uploading your listing to the Stolen Caravan Registry.

Phone Police Assistance Line: 131 444  Find more information here.

Step 2: Upload your listing

Create a FREE account to upload a listing. Once your listing is uploaded it will be displayed across the Stolen Caravan Registry website.

Sign In or Create An Account

Step 3: SHARE your Listing

Share your listing across your social networks (Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, etc.).

Do We Promote Your Vehicle So It May Be Found?

We rely heavily on the power of social media to assist getting your stolen vehicle publicised online. It’s imperative that you share your stolen vehicle listing with as many friends and family as possible, (and that they in turn share your listing as well). This alone will greatly increase the chances of acquiring information that may potentially lead to a successful recovery of your stolen property.

Awareness is the key…

We promote the Stolen Caravan Registry via our online network and online marketing activities, and also on prime time TV here in Australia to the Caravanning and Travel market, so the people whom are most likely to come across a Stolen Caravan or RV will be potentially exposed to your listing on the Stolen Caravan Registry.

Be Aware

If you think you’ve found any stolen goods, please do not approach anyone. Contact your local Police.